Driving Test Preparation

Theory Driving Test

The theory test can be taken once you have your provisional driving licence, but needs to be passed before you can book a practical test. Once passed you have 2 years in which to pass your practical test, otherwise you have to pass the theory test again. This test includes:

- 50 Multiple Choice Questions
- 14 Hazard Perception Video Clips

What is Involved in the Practical Test?

The actual test starts with an eyesight test and a general car maintenance question.

You will then approximately 40 minutes driving. During this time you need to display a safe and appropriate approach to all the conditions encountered.

Whilst driving you will be asked to perform one of the manoeuvres you will have learned. (eg reverse park, bay parking), will drive independently (possible using a Sat. Nav. device) for 20 minutes and perform a routine safety task.

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  • Customised Driving Lessons
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Practical Driving Test

To pass the practical driving test you must show an examiner that you exceed the minimum standards required to be allowed to drive by yourself. A key element of this is showing that you are completely independent while driving and do not need help from anyone in making decisions or controlling the car.


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