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Gain independence and pass your driving test with flying colours. Choose Driveology and make it happen!

We offer an extensive range of driving lessons for people of all abilities, whether you are looking for a starter package or a Pass Plus course, we can help.

  • Approved ADI Instructor
  • Affordable Pricing Structure
  • Customised Driving Lessons
  • Block Booking Discounts
  • Pass Plus Registered

Another Happy Customer Review:

My driving experience with Driveology was really positive and I feel vindicated with my choice of instructor. There was a clear structure to each lesson, and the consistency at the start and end of each lesson meant I assimilated to the learning progress relatively quickly. Concepts were explained thoroughly prior to attempting new techniques. The aid of visual cues helped greatly and allowed me to envision what I will need to do next. The core Lesson plans varied weekly which helped me work on different aspects. Ian struck a good balance between knowing when and when not to critique on aspects of my driving ability. I didn't feel pressure to grasp manoeuvres in a hurry and never felt rushed; I was able to progress in a steady fashion and connect his comments on where I may be going wrong with particular parts of the course. Ian was punctual and I could obtain a convenient driving slot each week. Overall it was great value for money and I could not recommend Ian highly enough.

JoeS - A Rewarding Driving Experience - December 2021


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